S U R A   Story

Four month old Sura did not only suffer the tragic loss of his mother at a very young age, he also suffered the loss of three fingers on his left hand.

The baby orangutan arriveed in Nyaru Menteng on 17 October 2013 needing not only urgent medical care for his wounds, bu tlots of love which was obvious from the sad and scared expression on his face.

His wounded fingers, which seemed to have been caused by a blow from a machete or knife were swollen and in a critical condition. After tending to these wounds, the medical team placed Sura in the baby quatantine uarter where he received 24 hour intensive care from three babysitters.

For the first few months Sura's health was unstable nad he repeatedly fell ill. His condition finally stabilized thanks to intensive care from the Medical Team in Nyaru Menteng.

Now Sura is healthy and has completely recovered from his wounds and illness. He has gained weight (from 2 kgs to 3.6 kgs) and actively plays like other young orangutans.

Sura loves forest fruit and young leaves rather than the fruit brought in by outside suppliers which is a great sign that he still remembers part of his life in the forest. With the ongoing love and care given to Sura from our team, we hope that he contributes to grow and thrive so that one day when he is old enough, he can again live freely in the wild.

W O M A N I M A L  take a part

The orangutan is Asia's only great ape, a critically endangered great apes. At one time orangutans ranged throughout much of Asia, from Java in the south, up into southern China. Today they are found only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra. Within Borneo their range is limited to remote forests and protected areas and they are absent from large areas of the Island. As we see the phenomeon and its impact to the wildlife, womanimal's concern and believed in taking part. Womanimal corporated with BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival) Foundation. BOS Foundation has accomplished their mission; realeases 251 orangutans. But some of orangutans are pretty fragile and weak to be realeased, so before that BOS helped to babysitting and taking care of them enough to be realeased into the wildlife and inviting all of us to take a part. By an adoption for a certain period. With the adoption of Orangutan you can choose which ones you want to save. BOS Foundation offers few orangutans for you to adopt them and come with packages for a period of: 

* 1 month (100,000)
* 6 months (Rp500,000)
* 12 months (1,000,000)
* Special adoptee 1 year (1.500.000) 

Each adopter will receive: 
* Certificate of adoption
* Stories background orangutan adopted
* Photo Orangutans in adoption
For the adoption of a package 6 and 12 months will get updates every 3 months.

Take a part and SAVE THE WILDLIFE NOW :
adoption.orangutan.or.id #BeWildForAGoodCause

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